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Chanukah Extravaganza

Father-Daughter Brunch

Menorah Contest

7th Grade Chanukah Play

Challah Baking

Visit to Anne Frank House

6th Grade Brachos Play 

Science Fair

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Purim Carnival

Purim in Italy

School Dinner 

6th & 7th Grade Shabbaton 

Shabbat Candles for Rochel Chaya  

In Celebration of the 25th of Adar, birthday of our beloved Rebetzin Chaya Mushkah, Beis Yaakov Ohel Sarah had a beautiful assembly, honoring the Rebetzin. The event began with inspiring stories and videos, describing the Rebetzins humility and modesty, infusing the girls with a genuine sense of being proud Bnos Yisroel. 

The highlight of the assembly was what followed. One of BYOS Pre school students, was diagnosed with a severe sickness, forcing her to remain in the hospital for many months. Throughout her sickness, students and faculty continued to daven and say tehillim for Rochel Chaya bas Rivkah, begging Hashem to bring her back to school in complete health. Mrs teresh, mother of rochel chayah, spoke via video to the students, thanking them for their teffilos and friendship. Going along with the theme of Chof Hei Adar, Mrs Teresh had a special request from the girls. Mentioning Rivkah Imeinu, she expained, how even from the tender age of 3, young Jewish girls are able to add light to the world. The hebrew word for Shabbos candles, she continued, is NESHEK, translated means ammunition. The ammunition of the jewish women, against the elements of this world, is NESHEK, Ner Shabbos Koidesh. She went on to asking each girl, along with their mommies, begin adding their unique light to the world, in the hope that this will be the final push in bringing the ultimate light, the light of Moshiach, into the world.
Not wasting any time, the girls went straight to fulfilling her request. Each girl received a gorgeous little candle stick, which they were able to paint and design to their liking. Taking it home the next day, they excitedly all committed to fulfilling Mrs Teresh's request.  



Lag B'Omer Trip

The Great Parade

Jewish Heritage Museum 

Production- A Light at the End of the Tunnel

 School Wide Bas MItzvah Party